Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl Commercials Don’t Disappoint

Old fashion TV in 1957.
Many people like to fast-forward through commercials on TV.
However, there is one time when many people want to watch the commercials. And that’s during the Super Bowl football game.
The Super Bowl was played last Sunday.
It has become a tradition that the commercials shown during the Super Bowl are particularly interesting to watch. Many of them are funny.
For instance, in a Volkswagen ad, a dog sees a Volkswagen go by his house. He wants to chase it, but he’s too fat to fit through the doggie door. So he starts exercising himself to get in shape. He chases his own tennis ball, and he swims laps in a pool. Eventually, he is able to fit through the doggie door and chase the car. (See that commercial here.)
Some of the commercials, like one called “Big Game,” may give you goose bumps. The commercial shows two Port Credit, Ont. recreational-league hockey teams about to get on the ice for one of their normal, weekly games. However, unknown to the players, Budweiser is about to turn their usual game into a huge event. They brought in 600 fans, big screens, music, mascots, announcers and even instant replays, just like an NHL game. The players are completely surprised, as their weekend game with the boys becomes one of the biggest moments in their lives. (See “Big Game” here.)
Another commercial is a take-off on a famous movie called Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, from 1986. In the movie, teenager Ferris Bueller skips school to have a series of wild adventures. In the commercial, the actor (a now-grown-up Matthew Broderick) calls in sick to his acting job. He takes off in a Honda to have a series of wild adventures. The commercial is shot just like the movie was. (See that commercialhere.)
Commercials during the Super Bowl cost the advertisers a lot of money to run, because the audience is massive.
Many of the commercials that are shown during the Super Bowl are different in other countries than in the U.S., where the Super Bowl is played. However, Canadians and people in other countries can see most of the commercials on the Internet.


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